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BERLIN BEST INVEST will arrange the bank loan if required from our German bank associates. We secure the loan first, then you purchase – That provides full planing security. Our full dedicate loan team in Berlin will arrange a loan pre-approval within 48 hours.
After a comparison of 2-3 options you can choose from the best offer in the market.
Some banks require to fly to Germany and sign the Loan Agreement. We may have a better solution, so you don’t need to fly to Germany.
We work with the very best professionals in the industry  –  A REAL ONE STOP SOLUTION

For any other question email us: sales@berlinbestinvest.com

* subject to changes and T&C.

Offer Bank A

Offer Bank A


  • 54%-70% LTV
  • 3.2% interest rate
  • Loan for 40 years
  • Easy application process
Offer Bank B

Offer Bank B


  • 60% LTV
  • 2.3%-2.6%% interest rate
  • Loan for 30 years
  • Modest application
Offer Bank C

Offer Bank C


  • 70% LTV
  • 1.9% interest rate
  • Loan for 30 years
  • Heavy application process

Yes, please send me the Bank-Offer List and all other information’s.

    General Info


    You would like to buy real estate in Germany but you live and work abroad?

    You are looking for competitive and uncomplicated financing for this project?
    Then look no further. We offer you the following solution:

    If the purchase price is more than € 360,000.–, financing of up to 70% of this amount is possible. In Germany loan interest is fixed over the long term.
    Financing of up to 54% of the purchase price of the real estate if the purchase price does not exceed € 360,000.–. Repayment of your loan is very flexible. Every year you can decide again what percentage of the loan should be repaid on a scale from 1-10%.

    In addition, one has the option of paying in an amount of up to 5% of the loan annually.

    We have made the loan application as easy as possible for you. In your mother tongue (currently English, French and Italian) you will be guided through the application. Afterwards, the application will be provided in German and in your language.

    You then send us the form by mail or e-mail. Further, please attach your proof of equity (account statements) and proof of income.

    On your next visit to Germany you then legitimize yourself by presenting your passport or identity card at our office in Berlin or at one of our over 150 branch offices all over Germany.

    Free pre-approval

    We will send you a pre-approval form. Based on the result we will find the most suitable finance option for you. All free of charge. Only when you have the loan secured, you safely can reserve a unit. Very fair German system.

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